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A boy and Continence Clinician standing next to a toilet
16 June 2022

Why it’s better out than in…

Soiling after the usual age of toilet training (roughly 4 years) can be a very frustrating experience for...

Boy sits on toilet with eyes closed holding book
30 May 2022

Hints for Healthy Bladder and Bowel Habits

Our Bladder and Bowel Health Team have put together some handy hints for keeping your bladder and bowel as...

28 April 2022

Understanding Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioural traits, regarded as...

24 February 2022

Understanding Specialised Disability Accomodation

Supported Disability Accommodation is housing that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of people...

Managing stress thumbnail
13 December 2021

Managing Stress

Stress is something that almost everyone has experienced during a time in their life, often for a multitude...

Chris sits at his desk and smiles
23 November 2021

An introduction to Customer Liaison Officers

Our Customer Liaison Officers are our frontline employees who manage our customer’s service delivery and...

Kelly sits at her desk in her office.
9 November 2021

What to look for in an employer

Through a global pandemic and an aging population, the shift in Australia’s workforce is rapidly changing...

A customer and therapist talk to each other while they sit at a table
11 October 2021

Caring for yourself, so you can care for others

Looking after yourself is so important when you're in a caring role It's easy to prioritise others over...

A therapist and customer assess a vehicle hoist.
27 July 2021

The process of modifying a vehicle

Learning to drive as a person living with disability can be more challenging than it is for the average...

A customer folds away her wheelchair.
23 June 2021

Choosing the right wheelchair

Choosing the right wheelchair can be an overwhelming experience, but the process can be made easier with...

A young boy jumps on a trampoline.
13 April 2021

The benefits of bouncing

Bouncing on a trampoline has to be one of the most fun things you can do But did you know there are hidden...

A child lays in bed with a weighted blanket over them. They are peacefully sleeping.
23 March 2021

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are a popular item and they can be really useful for helping relieve tension and anxiety...

A young man sits on the floor holding his knees and looks overwhelmed.
4 February 2021

What is anxiety?

Everybody experiences anxiety at some point in their life But what actually is anxiety and what is it caused...

Boy blowing bubbles
19 January 2021

The first year of school – parent expectations and support

Starting school is a big deal - for both children and their parents! So how can you support your child...

Pillow Switch and cover
18 December 2020

Finding the right switch

At Therapy Focus we have a range of adaptive switches We have recently expanded our switch kits, to allow for...

Boy and continence clinician laughing in bathroom receiving bedwetting support
29 June 2020

Why is my child wetting the bed?

Bedwetting can cause stress in school-age children and their families, but it is actually quite common in...

An ultrasound being performed by a Continence Clinician
17 June 2020

A day in the life of a Continence Clinician

Therapy Focus Continence Nurse, Karina Smith provides a glimpse into an average working...

Therapy Focus therapist smiling at a laptop during an online physiotherapist appointment.
28 May 2020

What does seeing your physiotherapist online look like?

Physiotherapist Laura Martin explains what physiotherapy look like online via teletherapy, and how...

LEGO therapy - Kids playing with LEGO
24 April 2020

What is LEGO-based therapy?

LEGO therapy is a social development program that uses LEGO activities to support the development of social...

Adult helps child wash hands
30 March 2020

Helpful handwashing tips for parents

Hand washing is now more important than ever as we all do our part to prevent the spread of coronavirus...

Therapist on a teletherapy session on a tablet device
28 March 2020

How to get setup for teletherapy

Get the support you need during this difficult time with Therapy Focus' Teletherapy sessions Here are a few...

A therapist smiles at computer screen during a teletherapy session
27 March 2020

The Benefits of Teletherapy

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect people around the globe, we’re committed to continuing...

Cody sits with his mother at the dining table with an iPad in front of them. Cody's mother is hugging him and smiling.
27 March 2020

Managing stress and anxiety caused by Coronavirus

Therapy Focus Psychologists, Maria McCarthy and Zoe Hayward, share their advice for managing stress and...

A therapist smiles at computer screen during a teletherapy session
27 March 2020

Tips for working from home

Therapy Focus Executive Manager, Kelly Byleveld shares her tips for working from home as offices around the...

Therapy Focus Phsyiotherapist, Jordan Hitch smiling arm in arm with a young boy
4 December 2019

A day in the life of a Physiotherapist

What does a Physiotherapist do We asked Therapy Focus Physio, Jordan Hitch, to tell us about a recent day at...

Psychologist talking to client at table
29 November 2019

A Day in the Life of a Psychologist

What does a psychologist do Therapy Focus Clinical Psychologist Laura Keane, who works as part of our South...

Therapy Focus employee measures up a bathroom for home modifications
21 October 2019

Improving bathroom access for people with disability

Using the bathroom can be particularly difficult for many people with disability Therapy Focus Assistive...

A Therapy Focus therapist smiling
7 October 2019

A day in the life of an Occupational Therapist

What does an Occupational Therapist do Therapy Focus Occupational Therapist, Elizabeth Chessell, tells us...

A young boy pretending to feed a therapist with a spoon
16 September 2019

A day in the life of a Dietitian

What does a Dietitian do Therapy Focus Dietitian, Claire Breen provides a glimpse into an average working...

Primary school student sitting with a therapist
28 August 2019

How do therapists work in schools?

In addition to home, office and community visits, our therapists work collaboratively with teachers and...

Boy picks up card as therapist looks on
28 August 2019

What is a Developmental Language Disorder?

Language is a skill we all use to tell others our thoughts and feelings and understand the world around us...

Therapist smiling at young boy
14 August 2019

A day in the life of a Speech Pathologist

What does a Speech Pathologist do According to Therapy Focus Speech Pathologist, Laura Roberts, no two two...

Therapist touches food in bowl as boy looks on
26 July 2019

Speech Pathologists and Dysphagia

Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking,...

Little girl reading book
14 May 2019

Play, screen time and sleep for 0-5 year-olds

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its recommended guidelines for play, screen time and...

A customer and their caregiver work with a therapist.
4 May 2019

Mealtime tips for children with autism

Mealtimes can be challenging for parents of autistic children The following are some top tips for those...

Jayden and his therapist sit at a desk in a classroom as they laugh.
20 April 2019

How is autism diagnosed?

Approximately one in every 88 people has autism, but how is it diagnosed Therapy Focus Speech Pathologist...

Therapist plays Play-Doh with girl to support interaction skills
28 March 2019

Communicating without words

Interaction skills form part of the broader communication skills umbrella It is important that these skills...

Therapist with boy in wheelchair
25 January 2019

FAQ: School transitions and beyond

Change can be daunting, especially for children with disability undertaking key life transitions such as...

Therapist laughs with young girl
28 November 2018

Language development myths

When it comes to language development, there is a lot of information around! There are also some common...

Therapist and boy do key word sign
10 October 2018

The benefits of Key Word Sign

Key Word Sign, formerly known as Makaton, is a simplified form of manual signing and a highly effective form...

Therapist tries to feed child
1 October 2018

Dietetics and the NDIS

At Therapy Focus, our team of experienced dietitians work closely with other allied health therapists to help...

Therapist talks to girl to support her communication difficulties
23 August 2018

How to support someone with communication difficulties

Communication is a basic human right and a crucial part of learning and development - but it’s also...

Therapist talks to man on bench
17 July 2018

Preparing for your first NDIS meeting

Getting ready for your first National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning meeting can be daunting and...

Therapist prepares ultrasound procedure
26 June 2018

Funding options for continence aids

Our specialist continence team, PEBBLES, often hear the question; ‘what funding is available for continence...

Smiling continence clinician holding a stool chart
13 June 2018

Taboo topics with a Continence Clinician

Of all the topics to talk about, poo and wee may not be top of the list But for Therapy Focus’ PEBBLES...

8 June 2018

Incontinence myths busted

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding incontinence To help people better understand some of the...

Boy outside with therapist
19 February 2018

Top tips for early intervention

For a child with developmental delay or disability, early intervention is fundamental to growing potential...

Colourful shoe on bench
15 January 2018

Tips for choosing school shoes

With children wearing their school shoes around 35 hours a week or around 1500 hours a year, choosing the...

Key Worker talks to a customer
26 May 2017

The power of a Key Worker

At Therapy Focus we use what’s called a ‘Key Worker model’ Speech Pathologist Tania Muscat explains...

Step-Free Route Sign
7 April 2017

Study options after high school

Transitioning from high school to tertiary study as a person with disability can present new challenges It...

Young school girl smiling as she draws
2 February 2017

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Therapy Focus Speech Pathologist Ruyi Tong explains Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and outlines...

Little boy tries food with therapist smiling next to him
13 December 2016

Mealtimes can be sense-ational

An approach called ‘Sense-ational Mealtimes’ developed by Gillian Griffiths and Denise Stapleton is...

Middle-aged woman smiles at her therapist
9 November 2016

The importance of social inclusion

Social inclusion is an important part of feeling happy and healthy, growing stronger and becoming the person...

Girl has imaginative play with a doll
19 July 2016

The benefits of imaginative play

Kids play make-believe because it’s fun, but did you know it that imaginative play is also a vital...

A young boy bounces a basketball in his driveway. The sun is setting on the trees in the background.
24 March 2016

Nurturing play in autistic children

Early intervention is key when supporting a person with autism and evidence proves that supporting a child...

Boy riding bike with his parents and therapist
16 December 2015

Take it outside! The benefits of outdoor play

Playgrounds are more than just a place to have fun; they also provide a great opportunity for your child to...

27 November 2015

The importance of attention skills

“He just won’t pay attention” “If only she could focus better” These are both things we often hear...

A customer uses an AAC device with their therapist
20 October 2015

What is AAC?

AAC is a term used a lot by our therapists and it can often leave parents wondering just what it means The...

Therapist tying girls shoes
22 September 2015

Shoelace Tying Tips

Teaching children to tie their shoelace can be tricky Learn some tips for how to teach your child, including...